Exercise is Medicine

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Why is Fitness So Important to so Many People?

This past Monday, Club Fitness united with the rest of the fitness industry in saying 1) Exercise is Medicine and 2) Gyms Are Safe. Those are two things we have always believed in, but are more important now than they ever have been.  This is not a political message. We will always honor and respect the guidelines set by local authorities as it relates to our business. But we also strongly feel we can be an important to the solution without adding more to the problem. 

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3 Steps to Having A Good At Home Workout

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Here’s some tips and tricks that will help you stay on your fitness journey, even if your living room is now your gym!

Step 1) Have a Plan, but be Flexible

Whether you are working out at the gym or at home, every good workout starts with a plan. Every good plan starts with well defined objectives (the goal of your workout), strategies (the sets, reps, and exercises you are going to do), and a time frame (how long do you have to workout?). You can certainly come up with your own plan, and there’s no shortage of online workout resources right now. If you’re a Club Fitness member though, we actually have dozens of guided at home workouts ready for you on our new At Home Virtual Studio. Read More

Welcome Gold’s Gym St. Louis!

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Dear Valued Gold’s Gym St. Louis Members, 

On behalf of our gyms here in St. Louis, we would like to personally welcome you to the Club Fitness family. As you are aware, your Golds Gym membership has automatically been transferred to the nearest Club Fitness facility to your previous home gym.

Your new Club Fitness membership will give you access to our 22 locations, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and you will be able to enjoy all our great amenities immediately once we have reopened our doors. Read More

3 Things To Help You Stay Healthy and Productive While Working From Home

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Is this your first time #WFH (working from home) for an extended period of time?

I’ve been working remotely for the past 5+ years, spending a lot time behind my laptop in gyms, coffee shops, and my kitchen table, so this part of quarantine life actually isn’t really anything new or too different for me. I’ve always been asked “Do you like working from home?” and “How do you work from home and still be productive?”. I love working from home (most of the time), the flexibility it allows is amazing and I don’t miss going up and down i270 during both rush hours every day AT ALL. With that said, it comes with its own set of challenges, and I don’t think it’s for every body. Unfortunately not every body has a choice right now, so how do you adapt to working from home and stay productive? Here’s 3 tips that have helped me that all tie into health & fitness (I do work for a gym):

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Walking 101

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There are so many options when it comes to staying active, but walking is by far one of the easiest and most popular ways to stay fit! For most people, it’s safe and easy to stick with as well as simple and effective!


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Essential Nutrients

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Vitamins and minerals are crucial to consume because the body needs them and the body does not make them. They work to benefit the body in performing hundreds of critical roles. And, it is a balancing act to get enough of these nutrients and to get too much. We recommend focusing on eating a healthy diet to get enough amounts of the vitamins and minerals needed.


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Stress Relief

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Spring. New beginnings. Fresh starts. This is the perfect time to take a step back and change the way you view stress in your life. Stress causes many negative physical effects such as illness, poor mood, inadequate sleep, appetite issues, and even heart disease. These negative effects can promote bad habits such as unhealthy eating, smoking, alcohol abuse, and lack of exercise.


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Plyometric Training


The word “plyometric” comes from the Greek language meaning to increase or enhance. This type of training differs from strength training in that it involves quick, explosive moves that are designed to increase speed and power. This is done by performing different exercises that activate more muscle fibers at a quicker rate, so our muscles can learn to contract faster and more effectively. Doing this will increase our body’s power in the long run.


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Holding Your Resolutions All Year Long!

New Year

As most of us know, a new year is a fresh start, a time where most of us are ready to make a change and focus on a better version of ourselves. Unfortunately, a lot of our new gym members will not be able to maintain this resolution lifestyle because they attempt to make these changes happen overnight. Some will see success in a relatively short amount of time but are not able to maintain the success they saw because they move right back into their previous lifestyle.

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Do More Yoga!

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Benefits of Yoga at Club Fitness

Yoga is such an important part of fitness. A lot of people shy away from yoga as they do not feel like it is “hard enough” to be labeled “exercise.” However, research has shown otherwise. There are so many positive benefits to yoga and classes that work both the mind and body. These classes should be added to your weekly exercise routine as soon as possible because they have so many positive benefits.


Yoga benefits your body in the following ways:

-Strength/muscular endurance


-Better posture

-Improvement in core strength

-Strengthens muscles around the spine

-Improving pain in the back, spine, & neck

-Improved bone density

-Improves overall balance


Yoga also benefits your mind in the following ways:

Stress relief


-Decreases blood pressure

-Improves happiness

-Improves mental focus

-Improve sleep


Yoga is amazing!   Adding this to your weekly routine, 1-2x a week, will definitely help you to live a happier and healthier life.