Premium Equipment

Club Fitness has supercharged our clubs with industry-leading equipment and expansive turf areas to bring our members a fitness experience that is second to none.

Cardio Equipment

Because cardio plays a central role in nearly every fitness program, we've spared no expense to bring our members the very best cardio equipment from the industries top brands. Treadmills, rowers, bikes, and more – It's All Here.
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Circuit Equipment

From beginners to bodybuilders and every fitness level in between, circuit workouts are an excellent way to get your heart rate up, blood pumping, and muscles working towards crushing your goals! Our industry leading circuit equipment is made for total body conditioning.
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Free Weights

At Club Fitness, we pride ourselves on offering top of the line equipment, and our free weight section is no exception. From Olympic deadlift platforms to barbells, weight plates, squat racks, massive dumbbell sections and more, the free weight area has the options you need for optimal strength building.
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Turf Area

The way you warm-up and cool down after a workout is just as important as the workout itself. The turf areas at Club Fitness provide the perfect spot for dynamic stretching, foam rolling, resistance band warm-ups, and core exercises. Each area also has kettlebells, sleds, and box jumps – the turf is where core, cardio, and agility meet.
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