Club Fitness offers a variety classes for every fitness level, including strength, cardio, mind body and much more. 


These classes are uniquely designed by our instructors to provide the best fitness experience for every BODY.


Ballet inspired training. These classes utilize slow controlled movements while developing focus and endurance.  So, these total body workouts are perfect for those looking to tone the body and build long lean musculature.


The main focus of a Cardio class is to burn calories.  And, our cardio classes include step work, dance, and total body weight training.  Because our cardio classes incorporate every method of exercise to raise the heart rate, they are a lot of fun and super effective.


Core classes focus primarily on building strength in the abdominals and the chain of muscles around the mid-section.  And, as body weight, light resistance and high repetitions are often utilized in these classes, they perfectly target and tone the waistline.


Indoor cycling classes put participants on a bike to increase their metabolism and lower body definition.  And, our instructors smartly coach riders through a variety of challenging positions with differing resistances and speeds to get the most out of their ride.


All forms of dance are incorporated and celebrated in these classes. Having variation in dance styles gives our members an incredible workout that is fun and addictive.


HIIT = High Intensity Interval Training. These classes are designed to raise the heart rate, either with cardio or resistance training techniques, and then lower the heart rate.


This is the club fitness ultimate variety class. This workout is a little bit of everything: core, resistance training, cardio, stretching. A complete workout for those looking to get a lot done in just one hour.


These martial arts classes integrate cardio, endurance and strength training with fighting techniques and movements.  And, class participants can expect an empowering workout that burns a ton of calories.


Controlled movements are employed here to develop strength and definition of the whole body. Synonymous with core training, Pilates is a method of exercise designed to stretch, strengthen, and balance the core and the body.


Focus, concentration, core training and balance are used here to help create an amazing workout. This class works participants with a blend of both yoga and Pilates.

Step Strength

This program involves the step, with associated step training, but also light weights.  And, the combination of the two allows class participants to experience both cardio leg training and full body resistance training.


This workout is a lot of fun and will help you get to your goals fast! Step patterns and techniques work to challenge the legs in every possible way while also raising the heart rate.


Resistance training is a key aspect to every workout plan, developing musculature, bone density, stable joints, improved posture and overall health. These classes go through a variety of ranges and tempos to train every muscle in the body and create a complete workout.


The Synergy 360 tower system is out on our weight floor area. This tower, and its various stations, offers our members an amazing circuit workout that is fun and resistance oriented.


This style of yoga involves grouping postures together, and moving through them, while focusing on breath.  And, as you develop a more balanced body, you will continually transition between poses.  So, you’ll keep the heart rate up and create a cardio oriented yoga experience.


Our yoga classes primarily involve static positioning and provide isometric challenges.  Because you will maintain postures, in these classes, you will develop strength, endurance and focus, and challenge the body and the mind equally.


Club Fitness offers a wide variety of Les Mills classes led by certified Group Exercise Instructors. 

Les Mills

The high-energy, sports-inspired, workout utilizes athletic training to create an unforgettable fitness experience. 

Les Mills

A modern expression of classic balletic training designed to shape and tone the muscles and build core strength. 

Les Mills

The high-energy, martial arts-inspired, non-contact workout. Punch, kick, and strike your way to fitness. 

Les Mills

This is yoga-based workout incorporates tai chi and pilates and will improve your mind, your body, and your life.

Les Mills

These classes are 30-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) sports conditioning workouts that build your athleticism and blast away calories.

Les Mills

BODYPUMP™ is THE ORIGINAL BARBELL CLASS™ and the ideal workout for anyone looking to get lean, toned and fit – fast.

Les Mills

This is THE indoor cycling class.  And, it’s set to the rhythm of amazing and motivating music.  So, you’ll burn calories, get fit, and experience a journey.

Les Mills

This is a HIIT class.  But, it’s primary tool is the indoor cycling bike.  So, you’ll ride for 30-minutes and smash your goals FAST. 

Les Mills

Primarily using the step, you’ll focus on cardiovascular endurance, coordination, balance, and agility to challenge and develop your legs and core.