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The Easy Soccer Mom & Soccer Dad Workout Plan

Mar 27, 2021 | Fitness

Need easy no equipment needed workout to do on the sidelines?

If you’re like me, you know: a full-time job, 2 grade-school kids in 3 different sports at the same time, practices every night, the only options for eating a family dinner together are 4:30 pm or 8 pm, and don’t get me started on the math homework… Unfortunately, when something has to give, it ends up being ourselves and our fitness. Busy schedules don’t necessarily mean that we need to put our goals to the wayside- we need to maximize any free time we may have to get a good workout and feel better about ourselves. I find that the hour/hour and a half I’m sitting on the soccer sidelines watching practices was a good time for me to sneak out (without leaving the facility, though). I guarantee there are plenty of other friends there that will get this going with you!

Here is an easy NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED workout for soccer mom’s and dad’s to get your fitness started on the sidelines:

Warmup- jog/walk around the field or parking lot to get your muscles warm, your joints loose, and your heart rate raised a little

20 side-step squats (10each way)- for legs, rear, core, hips

10 Burpees- for total body and cardio

10 Push-ups (on the ground or hands-on bench)- for chest, shoulders, arms, and keep core engaged

20 Walking lunges- for legs, rear, hips, core

10 bench dips- for triceps, shoulders, arms, core

30sec to 1min PLANK- for core

1 Sprint (or jog) 1 length of the field- for cardio

Repeat 2-4 times through and finish with cardio (walking/jogging/intervals around the field or parking lot)

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