Wellness & Recovery

Elevating our member’s experience throughout their entire fitness journey is a key area of focus for Club Fitness. With recovery playing a crucial role in the overall health and wellness of our members, incorporating the best post-workout recovery options is a key differentiator of our premium health clubs.

Dry Saunas

Relaxation is one of the main reasons to use a sauna, but did you know there are numerous health benefits too? Learn how increased metabolism, detoxification, and an improved immune system are just a few benefits of a consistent sauna regimen.
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Hydro Lounge

Exercising pushes your muscles to the limits, which can often lead to fatigue and soreness. Enter the Hydro Lounge - the place to relax and recover. Dimmed light and aromatherapy work in combination with our state of the art Hydro Massage loungers, bringing our members the ultimate recovery option.
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Red Light Therapy

Our Beauty Angel Red Light Therapy booths produce soft infrared light, which promotes an array of health and skin benefits. Learn how Red Light Therapy stimulates muscle toning, improves blood flow, and increases collagen production.
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Looking for the perfect post-workout snack? We’ve got you covered! Our smoothies are made to order from the best all natural ingredients. Not only nutritious and delicious, our smoothies feature a key ingredient that will take your recovery to the next level! Can you guess what it is?
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Stretch & Recovery Studio

Recover Optimally with Personal Trainer assistance in our Stretch and Recovery Studio, with premium equipment to keep you feeling your best!
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We pride ourselves on having sparkling clean tanning facilities and experienced staff to help you achieve a healthy glow. Our staff will provide guidance on tanning in moderation to avoid overexposure. Our premium facilities offer industry leading Erogoline bronzing beds, as well as a full line of indoor tanning lotions and products.
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