A group of women in workout class lift weights above their heads.

The Health of Your Business is Our Business

Club Fitness Corporate Wellness is a flexible solution built to ensure every BODY in your organization can reach their goals in the office and beyond.

Why Create a Corporate Wellness Program?

Decrease Healthcare Costs

Workplace wellness programs have been shown to benefit employers with average reductions in sick leave, health plan costs, and workers’ compensation and disability insurance costs of around 25%.

Increase Performance

Employees who embrace a healthy lifestyle through a workplace wellness program have been shown to have a 7% higher level of job performance, 15% higher job satisfaction, 18% higher life satisfaction, and 26% higher self-rated health.

Proven Bottom Line ROI

Research has shown that for every $1 spent on workplace wellness programs, medical costs fall about $3.27 and absenteeism costs fall by about $2.73.

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