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Exclusive to Personal Training Clients


This exclusive space provides a sanctuary for focused workouts, away from the bustling gym floor, fostering an environment conducive to achieving individual fitness goals. With dedicated attention from certified trainers, members receive personalized coaching and support within a secluded setting, allowing them to focus solely on their fitness journey. The privacy ensures a comfortable and uninterrupted experience, enhancing motivation and commitment to achieving desired results.

Expert Guidance From Certified Trainers

Private Training: The PT Studio offers an exclusive area just for our personal training clients, ensuring a private and tailored workout experience. It’s where personal goals meet expert guidance.

Open Floor Plan: With its open floor layout, our PT Studio provides a wealth of fitness variety. From functional workouts to targeted exercises, the space is designed for effective and dynamic programming.

Premium Equipment: We’ve equipped the PT Studio with an extensive selection of tools – think dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, TRX straps, plyometric boxes, and cutting-edge HIIT cardio pieces. It’s our promise that your workout routine will never feel repetitive.

Advanced Cardio Options: Experience a unique cardio workout with our self-powered treadmill, engineered to mimic natural walking and running mechanics, and tailor the intensity to your needs.

Strength Training: The PT studio is a haven for weightlifting enthusiasts, featuring a half-rack, Smith machine, a variety of dumbbells, and more – all to help you build strength and power.

  • Private Training
  • Open Floor Plan
  • Premium Equipment
  • Advanced Cardio
  • Strength Training

Unlock Your Potential

No matter your fitness aspirations – from losing weight and building functional strength to enhancing mobility or endurance – the PT Studio at Club Fitness is equipped to help you achieve them. Join us and take the first step toward a personalized fitness experience!

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Begin your fitness journey with a Wellness Assessment. Our certified trainers will personally understand your goals and craft a plan uniquely tailored for you. Don’t just exercise, transform with a custom regimen. Contact a personal trainer today and take the first step towards a healthier you!

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