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Kylie Heldenbrand

Kylie Heldenbrand specializes in Strength Training and Weight Loss. She is an ACTION Certified Personal Trainer (CPT – NCCPT proctored) and holds the title of Action Certified Nutrition Specialist. With one year of experience, Kylie is driven by her desire to help individuals achieve their fitness goals and become the best versions of themselves. Her personal fitness journey involved losing 50 pounds, which had a transformative impact on both her physical and mental well-being. Kylie places a strong emphasis on building trust and connection with her clients, aiming for them to feel comfortable opening up to her. She believes that creating a bond is crucial for achieving their fitness goals together. Kylie’s approach is grounded in the philosophy that fitness should be a lifestyle, not a chore. Outside of her fitness endeavors, she enjoys working out, spending time with friends and family, and reading. Her message to her clients and those she inspires is that working out is not only beneficial physically but can also positively impact every aspect of life.

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