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A Glimpse Inside Personal Training

Personal Training at Club Fitness provides clients with the latest tools and technology! The Inbody scanner analyzes your body composition which provides a detailed breakdown of the distribution of muscle, which in turn determines your basal metabolic rate (which is the number of calories your body needs at rest). Additionally, the Inbody scanner calculates your body fat percentage, enabling your trainer to measure your progress throughout your fitness journey.

Another tool used by our personal trainers is Percussion Therapy, which uses deep tissue vibration to stimulate muscles and promote blood flow. This deep tissue massage reduces stiffness and soreness, aiding the muscle growth recovery process.

Percussion Therapy and the Inbody Scanner; just a small sample of the state-of-the-art tools used by our top-rated personal trainers. Hydro Massage, Saunas, industry-leading cardio, circuit, and free-weight equipment collectively work hand-in-hand with nutritional coaching, guided by our on-staff dietitian.

At Club Fitness, our team of certified, experienced, and strategically credentialed personal trainers utilize the best tools and technology to ensure a safe and effective fitness program. Contact a personal trainer today!

  • Monthly Body Composition Scan
  • Percussion & Compression Therapy For Maximum Recovery
  • Hydro Massage, Saunas, & More
  • Industry Leading Cardio & Strength Equipment
  • Highly Credentialed Personal Trainers


Success Stories


Are there trainers who specialize in working with people who have been injured?

The first step with those who have had injuries is to be put through a movement screening, such as our overhead squat assessment, to identify any imbalances and compensatory mechanisms, which will allow us to implement a corrective exercise strategy to aid in injury recovery and prevention.

What are the personal trainers’ specialties/niches?

We have a wide variety of trainers who possess elite skills across all avenues of fitness. Whether it be power lifting, functional training, rehabilitation, athletics, competition, you name it- We have a trainer best suited for everybody.

What if I don’t know what machines in the gym to use?

At Club Fitness, we are here to help you get results and keep you motivated. We always recommend using your one-hour free personal training session to show you how to use all of the equipment and for a certified personal trainer to write up an exercise program precisely for you to follow.

Disclaimer: Times and workouts vary depending on experience; please consult your doctor or a personal trainer before starting an exercise program.

What if I don’t know what to do at the gym?

Not sure what to do when you are at the gym? We can help with that! Every Club Fitness member gets a FREE session with a personal trainer which we call our “Fit Plan”. This plan is a road map designed for YOU to reach your goals and would be a great starting point for your fitness journey. If you ever have any questions, we have the largest team of certified personal trainers in the St. Louis area ready to help you.

What is the cost for Personal Training?

Everyone’s fitness journey is different, and no personal training plan is the same. We recommend setting up a consultation with a Fitness Manager to go over a specific timeline and frequency of sessions to create a plan that is tailored for you.

What should I wear to exercise?

We recommend wearing comfortable clothes of any type; exercise pants or sweatpants or shorts, a t-shirt or long sleeve t-shirt, and a pair of comfortable tennis shoes. We don’t judge at Club Fitness, so you do not need to wear a particular brand, make up your hair or look perfect in any way. We are all here to have fun, be healthy, and sweat!

Why do I need a Trainer?

The training staff is here to help everyone succeed on their fitness journey. Whether you’re an experienced athlete looking for the next level of performance or just wanting to lose a little weight and improve your confidence, our training staff can help you! Trainers are excellent for providing motivation, accountability, and setting you up with proper form so you can safely achieve maximum results.

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