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Effective June 2022, Club Fitness will be transitioning away from our key fobs and prox cards. All club locations will use barcode readers to check into the club, access amenities, studios, and 24-hour access.

Be prepared for this upcoming change by downloading the Club Fitness App, which provides easy access to your check-in barcode, as well as some amazing features to help you crush your goals!


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FAQ's - Creating An Account

To download and access the Club Fitness app you will need to enter your “last name on file”, “home club” (where you initially signed up), and your “barcode”. Once your access to the app has been granted, complete your account set up using a personal email and password.  

If you are trying to create an account and you receive a message that says, “We could not locate you in the system.”, it means that you have entered a wrong barcode, home club, or the last name we have on file does not match what you have entered. Please visit the front desk to verify your account information or email us at appsupport@clubfitness.us.

Ensure you have the updated version of the App. You will need to update your app or download the new version (depending on the type of phone). You should receive a notification that an update is needed. To help ensure you get the new app, you should enable auto-updates on your device to get the latest App.

Use the “Forgot your password?” link on the home screen to contact our team and they will send you a temporary login and password for your Club Fitness App. After you sign in, please go to your profile under the side menu and select “App Profile” to create a new password. 

When your same email is linked to another account (for example, an old account, a guest account, another family member’s account, etc.) you receive this error. Please follow the steps below to solve this: 

  1. Sign in with your username/password 
  1. Press “Ok” instead of “Get Help” when the error message appears telling you your email is taken 
  1. Enter a different email address or contact support for an email update 
  1. Done! You’ll be entered into the app


The reset email is sent through an automated system. Please make sure you do not have any filters set to your inbox that will not accept such automated correspondence. If you used an email address with a special domain other than the regular ones (ex. @gmail, @yahoo, @hotmail), please check with the IT team that manages that domain to make sure you can get emails from us. 

Temporary passwords are case-sensitive. Please make sure that you’ve entered all characters correctly. When you do copy/paste extra spaces can be copied at times. They will be considered as a character as well and your password might not work. 


To access your barcode, search the email you have on file with Club Fitness for the subject line “Account Information” (which was sent to all members on Tuesday, May 24). *Be sure to check your spam folder. If you’re unable to find the email, please request your barcode from the front desk at your local club or send an email to appsupport@clubfitness.us.  

Visit us online at www.clubfitness.us/app or send an email to appsupport@clubfitness.us

FAQ's - Workouts And Challenges

Absolutely, join as many as you’d like.

Please sign into the App and go to the “Challenge” tab and click on the challenge you have joined. From there, you can click on “Leave” in the upper right corner. This will remove you from the club challenge. 

There are three ways to record a workout. 

  • The first is a “Manual Entry”. Here, you will open the “Record a Workout” tile and select “Manual Entry”. This will allow you to pick the type of workout and track the duration, distance, and calories burned. 
  • You can also use xCapture. This allows you to take a picture of the display on cardio equipment once you finish your workout, and it will automatically upload to the app! 
  • You can also use a number of third-party apps and trackers such as FitBit and MyFitnessPal. The full list of these can be found in the “Connected Apps” tile. 


No problem, use the “Manual” entry feature under “Record a Workout” and enter in your workouts by day. You can also link 3rd party tracking apps and devices to your account under the “Connected Apps” tab to automatically track workouts. 


Please check the start date of the challenge in the App, it may not have started yet. Your workouts will begin recording when the Challenge officially starts. Please note, if you are using a 3rd party app/device to record your workouts there may be a slight delay from when the app/devices syncs to when the workout appears on the leaderboard. 

Allowing the camera is a permission you are asked when you first download the app. If you did not allow the permission initially, don’t worry! Please open your phone’s settings, scroll down until you see your gym’s app, select the app, and toggle the camera permission so that it is “on”. 

If two connected apps are linked to each other and linked to your Netpulse account you will see duplicate workouts in your workouts tab because both sources will send data to EGYM. 

Please be sure you snap a photo of the cardio machine with Xcapture with the post-workout stats and/or confirm your 3rd party devices are synced. Please visit the “Challenge” tab on the App for full challenge details as rules can differ per challenge. Please note, if you are using a 3rd party app/device to record your workouts there may be a slight delay from when the app/devices syncs to when the workout appears on the leaderboard. 

You can participate on the go! Link to your 3rd party apps/devices (Fitbit, Runkeeper, MyFitnessPal, etc.) under the “Connected Apps” tab. 

xCapture is a way to record your workout. To use xCapture, please open the “Record a Workout” tile, followed by “xCapture”. This allows you to take a picture of the cardio machine display and this workout will automatically upload into the app. Please make sure your camera is allowed under your phone’s settings. xCapture will not work if you do not have adequate service or wifi connection. 

Please go to the “Side Menu” and under “Privacy” where you can control your profile settings. 

CF at Home Workouts require Platinum membership. Upon downloading and logging in to the app, you will be prompted to log in to the on-demand feature at the initial visit. From the At Home feature outside of the app, you will be asked to sign in with your email address, last name on file, and home club location.

You can edit your workouts in the “Workouts” tab. Hold press on the workout entry and the Edit button will appear as an option. To delete a workout, swipe from right to left on the workout. You will then see a red “delete” button appear. Tap this button and the workout will delete! 

FAQ's - Goals and Connected Apps

You can create a personal goal by accessing the Goal Center section of the app. Here, it will allow you to pick your goal type, target, and duration. 

No, you can set only one goal at a time. 

For a full list of apps to connect with, please visit the “Connected Apps” tile.

Yes, you can link multiple apps/devices and they will all track. 

Please open the “Connected Apps” tile and select “link” next to the app you wish to connect. You will then be guided to a screen where you will log into your connected app account. 

Try a few steps to ensure your account is linked properly: 

  • Log out and sign back into your 3rd party app account 
  • Log out of the App and sign back in 
  • Please note, if you are using a 3rd party app/device to record your workouts there may be a slight delay from when the app/devices syncs to when the workout appears in the app.
App Support

On May 24th, Club Fitness emailed members the account information and instructions needed to download the new Club Fitness app. Please refer to the email titled: Account Information

Unable to find the email? No sweat! Please stop by the front desk and a team member will assist you. Not able to stop by the club? No problem! Send an email to appsupport@clubfitness.us and an associate will reach out within 2 business days.

Contact Support