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Top Of The Line Ergoline Beds To Get Your Perfect Bronze

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At Club Fitness, we have everything you need to get the perfect tan. We promote tanning in moderation with a key focus on avoiding overexposure. As studies have shown, tanning in moderation has positive impacts through Vitamin D exposure. Vitamin D is known as the wonder vitamin which promotes strong bones by allowing your body to absorb calcium. Healthy bones are key when putting your body through a rigorous fitness routine!

Safe And Enjoyable

Another benefit of tanning is the mental health boost. Depression is noted as a possible side effect of Vitamin D deficiency, so adding tanning to your routine can help boost your mood by raising your Vitamin D levels.

One of the biggest benefits of indoor tanning is the controlled environment; in that, it’s much easier to avoid overexposure in a time-controlled, indoor environment. Our team of associates are here to advise you on a tanning regimen and exposure times to help ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

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