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Take Your Recovery To The Next Level In Our Heated Hydro Massagers

The Perfect Addition To Your Fitness Routine

Recovery is such an important step in a fitness routine but unfortunately is often overlooked – not at Club Fitness, we’ve got you covered! Check out the Hydro Lounge next time you visit Club Fitness – you’ll thank us later!

Treat Your Body With A Massage

Whether you’re feeling sore or you just want some time to yourself, a massage is a must-have amenity at the end of a training session. At the Club Fitness Hydro Lounge, our spa-like environment enables relaxation to take over so you can recover optimally! Upon entering the Hydro Lounge area, you’ll immediately be taken away from the gym atmosphere and immersed in a relaxing, aromatherapy-filled room that sets the scene for your perfect massage.

We use essential oils like lavender to enhance relaxation and create a calming environment. Known to improve sleep quality, soothe sore joints, and reduce stress, our state-of-the-art massage loungers use warm water to ease muscle soreness. Members can choose intensity level, and speed, and pinpoint specific muscle groups at the touch of a button. Your perfectly customizable massage will allow you to choose the pressure and the muscle groups you want to focus on, giving you the ability to soothe the area that needs it most.

Have A Workout On Us!

You’re just steps away from starting your health and wellness journey! Get a Day Pass to check out the Club and all our amazing amenities. We can’t wait to see you!

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