Group Excercise

Whether you’re a regular looking to change up your routine, or new to the club looking for a way to get started on your fitness journey, group exercise classes are a great place to start! Our classes are designed to give you the most from your workout in a safe and exciting environment, and provide a great way to make new friends, increase your energy, tone your muscles, and improve flexibility.

Group exercise classes are for all levels of fitness, and your instructor can modify exercises to meet your needs – our team is here to make your fitness journey enjoyable, safe, and fun! Club Fitness offers an array of class options, including LES MILLS instructor-led classes which feature some of the best programs in the fitness industry!  LES MILLS workouts feature instructors that have completed rigorous training to become certified, which goes hand in hand with our mission to bring you a fitness experience that is second to none.

Some of the LES MILLS classes include BODYCOMBAT, BODYPUMP, and BODYATTACK. We use top-of-the-line equipment to ensure addition and changing weights in the middle of the workout is quick and easy. There are also a variety of steps, risers, plates, and barbells to customize the intensity level. We also offer Yoga, Zumba, Pilates, and much more!

In every Group X Studio, we provide a full range of equipment including LES MILLS patented smart tech equipment. We offer more than 400 group classes per week across all our 19 locations, so you can always find a class that works for you. Looking for a new experience – try a class a neighboring Club Fitness location!

Whether you’re looking for a dynamic full-body workout that will leave you feeling great, want to meet other like-minded people, or just want a good sweat, our group exercise classes can get you there.

See you in class!