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Reduce Stress After Your Workout

Unwind And Recover

One of the most important parts of a fitness journey is taking time dedicated to wellness and recovery. After a great workout, allow yourself a little time in the sauna. The heat helps loosen muscles and reduce stress. Additionally, a sauna session can help alleviate muscle spasms to help you feel relaxed after a workout.

Didn’t work out today? No problem. The sauna is an essential part of treating your body any day of the week, especially on rest days! Members can choose their desired temperature and time before entering the sauna, and choose a program to watch on the television, making the experience truly customizable.

Be sure to relax, unwind, and recover in our saunas during your visit!

Have A Workout On Us!

You’re just steps away from starting your health and wellness journey! Get a Day Pass to check out the Club and all our amazing amenities. We can’t wait to see you!

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