InBody Scanner

Have you stepped on the scale recently? Do you know what that number really means? We use our InBody scanners to break down your body composition and give you a detailed look into what your body is made of!

The biggest reason why most people step into the gym is to reduce the number on the scale, but many have no idea what the number truly means. If you lose 10 pounds, it’s hard to know if it was body fat, muscle, or simply excess water. Another issue with focusing solely on the scale is that most people tend to get discouraged if they have been working out for a while and the number on the scale isn’t changing. Often, even if you are not losing any weight, you are losing fat and gaining muscle, meaning you are making positive changes to your body that you will begin to see, but the number on the scale might not represent.

With our InBody scanner, we can break down your body composition to show you what exactly is happening to your body. Along with the breakdown of your body weight, the InBody scanner provides a detailed breakdown of the distribution of muscle on your left and right side and your basal metabolic rate (BMR) which is the number of calories your body needs at rest. Additionally, it determines your body fat percentage and how that is changing as you continue your fitness routine. The InBody scanner saves your progress over time and tracks your change. Find your RESULTS today!