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Stay Up To Date On Your Progress With A Monthly Analysis

Detailed Analysis

Have you stepped on the scale recently? Do you know what that number really means? We use our InBody scanners to break down your body composition and give you a detailed look into what your body is made of!

Discover What's Beyond the Scale with InBody

Stepping on the scale tells only part of your fitness story. Our InBody scanner goes deeper, revealing if your weight loss is fat, muscle, or water. It’s common to feel stuck when the scale doesn’t change, but with InBody, understand your body’s true changes.

InBody Insights:

  • Muscle vs Fat: Track your real gains and losses.
  • Balance Analysis: See muscle distribution for targeted improvement.
  • Metabolic Rate: Know your calorie burn at rest. See Your True Fitness Progress.

Move beyond mere weight tracking.

The InBody scanner shows the impact of your efforts, offering a complete view of your fitness journey.


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