Personal Training

At Club Fitness, our team of certified, experienced, and strategically credentialed personal trainers will customize a plan specific to your needs, abilities, and goals. Kickstart your journey with a trainer today.

Body Composition Analysis

Our Inbody Composition Scanner keeps you up to date on your progress, so you can focus on crushing your goals. Learn more about all the Inbody capabilities!
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Group Training

What if you could work out with your friends and family and still receive the motivation and accountability from one of our certified trainers? Now you can! Learn why group training may be perfect for you!
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Percussion Therapy

Percussion technology uses deep tissue vibration to stimulate muscles and promote blood flow, which reduces the stiffness and soreness people often experience after a workout. Learn how this small device can have a BIG impact on your results.
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Personal Training

Your RESULTS start here! Personal Training at Club Fitness is all about providing our members a program that is safe, fun, and effective. Wondering if personal training is the right fit for you? Discover the many benefits our 1 on 1 personal training program offers, some of them may surprise you!
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Stretch & Recovery Studio

Recover Optimally with Personal Trainer assistance in our Stretch and Recovery Studio, with premium equipment to keep you feeling your best!
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