Do More Yoga!

By February 25, 2020Fitness

Benefits of Yoga at Club Fitness

Yoga is such an important part of fitness. A lot of people shy away from yoga as they do not feel like it is “hard enough” to be labeled “exercise.” However, research has shown otherwise. There are so many positive benefits to yoga and classes that work both the mind and body. These classes should be added to your weekly exercise routine as soon as possible because they have so many positive benefits.


Yoga benefits your body in the following ways:

-Strength/muscular endurance


-Better posture

-Improvement in core strength

-Strengthens muscles around the spine

-Improving pain in the back, spine, & neck

-Improved bone density

-Improves overall balance


Yoga also benefits your mind in the following ways:

Stress relief


-Decreases blood pressure

-Improves happiness

-Improves mental focus

-Improve sleep


Yoga is amazing!   Adding this to your weekly routine, 1-2x a week, will definitely help you to live a happier and healthier life.