By March 19, 2020Fitness

Plyometric Training


The word “plyometric” comes from the Greek language meaning to increase or enhance. This type of training differs from strength training in that it involves quick, explosive moves that are designed to increase speed and power. This is done by performing different exercises that activate more muscle fibers at a quicker rate, so our muscles can learn to contract faster and more effectively. Doing this will increase our body’s power in the long run.


Benefits of Plyometric training include:


• Strengthens fast twitch muscle fibers

• Decreases risk of injury by strengthening the tendons in the body

• Enhances the effectiveness of the neuromuscular system

• Enhances ability in sports or other daily activities


Types of Plyometric workouts include:


• Depth jumps

• Squat jumps

• Tuck jumps

• Jumping lunges

• Plyo pushups

• High knee drives


These are just to name a few. There are countless other exercises that you can do and almost all of them require no equipment. This makes this type training something you can do rather quickly. Getting in a quick 5 minute warm up (jog or jump rope) and then performing 3-5 sets of different plyometric exercises will get the job done in less than hour and get you closer to your goals.