New To The Gym?

By February 25, 2020Fitness

Tips to Get Started 

Gyms can be intimidating for first timers. Machines you aren’t familiar with, unspoken rules and your anxiety to lose a couple extra pounds as quickly as possible can leave you a bit lost. Fear not! We have listed a few things to keep in mind to help you move in the right direction.

Come Prepared

Start with the basics: a pair of well-fitting athletic shoes, comfortable, breathable clothing, a water bottle and towel. This is your gym armor! Also, be sure you have eaten something prior to your workout so that you have adequate energy but not too close to gym time that it would interfere with your workout. Example, a banana one hour before you work out.

Know Your Body

Stop by the trainer desk and get your InBody scan done. The more you know about your body and its starting point, the better prepared you will be to plan your workouts and set your goals.

Start Small

Be sure to not overdo it your first time stepping into the gym. I know, its hard! We are excited to get going. But in order to help prevent injury, you should avoid intense workouts initially. Too much too fast might cause cramps and muscle pulls! Reach out to one of the personal trainers and they can give you a great plan to get you started with attainable goals. That includes rest time and recovery!

Balancing Workout and Diet

Strive get a good mix of resistance training and cardio in your weekly gym time, but also don’t forget about your food intake. Balancing your workout with the right diet is very important. It’s not about starving your body for weight loss, but fueling it properly to prepare for a great workout.

Ask Questions

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask questions! Everyone in the gym was new at some point and we all need help and guidance. Personal trainers, group fitness instructors, fellow gym members, we are all a team to help each other out!

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