Club Fitness patrons doing a series of exercises in the Pulse Studio

Pulse Studio Now Available at Belleville & St. Charles

Club Fitness St. Charles and Club Fitness Belleville have upgraded to included Pulse Studios!

We are always looking for new and exciting ways to bring more fitness for every BODY into our gyms. This past month we have been busy modifying existing studios at our Belleville & St. Charles locations to transform those spaces into Pulse Studios. These modifications included bringing in new pieces of gym equipment that will only be found in these studios, like Ski-Ergs & Assualt bikes.

What is the Pulse Studio?

The Pulse Studio is a virtually led High-Intensity Interval Training full-body workout. A new workout is displayed on five monitors around the studio every day; Each monitor has two exercise movements shown in GIF form for members to follow along with while at that corresponding station. Members work their way around the room to each of the ten stations, following the overhead timer prompts for “work” and “rest.” One round in the Pulse Studio is a 20-minute full-body workout.

The Pulse Studio is one of the many amazing studios included in our Premium & Platinum memberships. Be on the lookout for our next Pulse Studio coming soon to our Wentzville location!

Not a member yet, but want to try the Pulse Studio? Get a Free VIP Pass!



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