Meet The New Club Fitness Dietitian

What’s new at Club Fitness in 2022? Nutrition!

It is no surprise that “health” encompasses both fitness AND nutrition and Club Fitness knows this too! Now, you can tackle your health goals with even more resources and support from your gym.

Dietitians are the Nutrition Experts

Dietitians are the authority when it comes to nutrition. Many health professionals claim to have the knowledge to provide nutrition recommendations, but only Registered Dietitians are qualified with the degree and credentials to practice nutrition therapy. You can trust that the information you get from a dietitian is professional, accurate, and based on the latest research.

Your Club Fitness Dietitian

As a Club Fitness member and GX enthusiast, I am so excited to join the Club Fitness Team as their first Registered Dietitian. My journey into nutrition began more than 20 years ago when I discovered how powerful exercise and nutrition are in reducing stress. With this newfound interest, I decided to pursue a career in the health and wellness field as a dietitian.

After obtaining my Associate’s degree through St. Louis County Community College, I transferred to Saint Louis University and graduated with my Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Nutrition in Dietetics. I then moved to Kansas where I completed my dietetic internship (an internship is required for becoming registered). After passing the dietetic registration exam (another requirement) in 2010, and moving back home to St. Louis, I finally became a registered dietitian and entered the workforce.

My career in nutrition has been busy and exciting. Much of my experience has been with BJC and other area hospitals and outpatient clinics as a clinical dietitian. My areas of practice include a wide variety of medical conditions such as diabetes and obesity. Additionally, I have developed employee wellness programs, led hospital food and nutrition services, and taught and directed nutrition programs for a local private school. Through my career experiences, I have gained a multitude of invaluable knowledge and experience. My passion comes from helping others learn and get excited about nutrition. Watching others strive to overcome hurdles and achieve successes is extremely motivating and I love to be part of that process.

This is For You!

As the Club Fitness Nutrition Program Manager and Registered Dietitian, I hope to design and develop programs that help you succeed at your health and wellness goals. Club Fitness values its members and is constantly looking for ways to improve their member services. Offering professional nutrition services is groundbreaking for gyms in this area and Club Fitness is excited to see where this new service can take you. Be on the lookout for nutrition services coming soon to your gym. In the meantime, you can find helpful nutrition tips here on the Club Fitness Blog.

For comments, ideas, or inquiries, please reach out to your new club dietitian.

-Joy Ward, RDN LD


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