By February 25, 2020Fitness

Holding Your Resolutions All Year Long!

New Year

As most of us know, a new year is a fresh start, a time where most of us are ready to make a change and focus on a better version of ourselves. Unfortunately, a lot of our new gym members will not be able to maintain this resolution lifestyle because they attempt to make these changes happen overnight. Some will see success in a relatively short amount of time but are not able to maintain the success they saw because they move right back into their previous lifestyle.

Small Steps

If you are truly ready to make a change for good you must know going into this process that it will not happen overnight. On average, a person on a healthy exercise and nutrition plan should lose roughly 1-2lbs per week. This is a maintainable lifestyle change that will have you consistently seeing progress while in the gym. If come out of the gate hot and workout 6 days a week you may see more than the recommended 1-2lbs per week but is that maintainable? After a few weeks you’ll begin to burn out and resent your time in the gym by treating it like a chore. Instead of burning out on the gym early, take small steps into changing your lifestyle for the foreseeable future.

Use Support

Start slow and celebrate your small victories. If you currently do not use the gym at all its not recommended that you jump straight into 6 days a week of workouts, start small with 2-3 times a week doing what you are comfortable with. Each week begin to add more time into your workout and eventually another day or two. Try a new class or new machine you haven’t previously tried. Find an accountability buddy who will join you on this journey and help you branch out with trying new things or even remind you of why you got started on this journey. If you don’t have someone who can help hold you accountable, Club Fitness has personal trainers available to help hold you accountable. All our members receive one complementary session with their trainer and monthly re-assessments after their first month to help and ensure they aren’t giving up on their goals!

Maintaining the resolution mentality for the entire year might sound difficult, but if you are smart about it and plan out your journey with the tools Club Fitness provides it can easily be done. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. So, your dream body won’t be either!