The Importance of Intra-Workout Supplements

By August 17, 2018Nutrition

Do you use an intra-workout supplement?

If you have these one of these two fitness goals, Personal Trainer Derrick Rogers says you should consider it. 

Everyone knows about pre-workouts and  about that anabolic post-workout shake (which may not actually be the best option depending on your fitness goals), but not as many people know the importance of intra-workout nutrition.   There are 2 instances where you need to think about intra-workout supplements:

  1. Deep into a weight cutting or calorie deficit phase
  2. In a mass gaining phase
When you are deep into a weight cutting phase, your body is burning through a lot of energy and you aren’t replenishing it with much. This is when the *famed* BCAAs are best utilized. If you sip on some during your workout, you can keep your body from breaking down muscle tissue. An intra-workout supplment serving with 5 grams of leucine is all you need in your intra-workout shake.

In a mass gaining phase, you want to give your muscle the right nutrients at the right time to capitalize on your workout. Drinking a carb source during your workouts (especially leg and back workouts) can help you not only push yourself more from the steady flow of energy, but also increases your daily carb intake at a time when they aren’t going to get stored as fat. 25-50 grams of simple carbs from an intra-workout supplement (depending on your carb macros and body weight) is a good range for gaining muscle.

Derrick Rogers
Personal Trainer at Club Fitness Wentzville
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