3 Steps to Having A Good At Home Workout

By May 22, 2020Fitness

Here’s some tips and tricks that will help you stay on your fitness journey, even if your living room is now your gym!

Step 1) Have a Plan, but be Flexible

Whether you are working out at the gym or at home, every good workout starts with a plan. Every good plan starts with well defined objectives (the goal of your workout), strategies (the sets, reps, and exercises you are going to do), and a time frame (how long do you have to workout?). You can certainly come up with your own plan, and there’s no shortage of online workout resources right now. If you’re a Club Fitness member though, we actually have dozens of guided at home workouts ready for you on our new At Home Virtual Studio. In that library of videos you will find a variety of workouts and classes that will take care step 1 for having a good at home workout. 

Maybe the workout you are planning requires equipment. Don’t have a cable cross over machine or a squat rack in your basement? Not a problem! This is where the flexibility of your plan, and your creativity, come in. Here’s a starter list of good home workout substitutes:

· Water bottles or gallon jugs can easily substitute as hand weights. A 32oz bottle filled with water weights roughly 2 pounds. A gallon jug filled with water weighs just over 8 pounds.

· Sports Balls can substitute as medicine balls – Just be careful on the bounce!

· Chairs are great for modifying up or down exercises like push-ups, dips, squats, lunges… the possibilities are endless!

· Towels can add resistance as you pull ends in opposite directions, or harness one end to an anchor like a door or a workout partner.

· Load books into a back pack for added weight on movements like a squat or an overhead press. As the weight shifts in this unconventional objects, you’ll actually get some extra core stability work.

Step 2) Prepare Like You Were Going to the Gym

This one is simple, get out of those PJs and into your gym clothes! Your house might not be lined with mirrors, and there might not be anyone else there to see, but looking good usually leads to feeling good.

You have a plan, you know what workout you WANT to do, now it’s time take the next steps towards actually doing it. Drink your pre-workout. Turn on the hype music. Whatever you normally do to mentally get ready for a great workout at the gym, do it at home. 

Step 3) Commit to Starting

The biggest challenge to working out at home is actually doing the workout. You’ve got the plan, you’ve laced up your gym shoes and the 300 mg of caffeine you drank has you on another level, but you’ve still got to commit to actually doing the workout. Turn off your phone. Close your lap top. Finish that episode on Netflix but DON’T let the next one start. You’re goal at this point should just be to start – get through the warm up. Once you’re moving, once your heart rate starts elevating, everything else will fall into place. It might not feel the same as being at the gym, but it will feel right. And just like at the end of a great workout at the gym, you’ll be so thankful for the time you took to improve yourself.