On behalf of our gyms here in St. Louis, we would like to personally welcome you to the Club Fitness family. If you are a Gold’s Gym member, your membership may have automatically transferred to the nearest Club Fitness facility to your previous home gym.

We understand between gyms being temporarily closed and the timing of the Gold’s Gym closure, there are a lot of questions surrounding your membership if you were a Gold’s Gym St. Louis member. Here are some FAQs that should help.

FAQs About Transferred Gold’s Gym Memberships

How Do I Get Started With Club Fitness?

Welcome to the Club! If you were previously a Gold’s Gym member, just show up with your Gold’s Gym Membership Card at any of our St. Louis, St. Charles and IL Area locations and we can get you started working out right away. One of our team members will be happy to give you a tour of the facility and answer any questions you may have at that time. Find the closest Club Fitness here.

How Do I Cancel or Get a Refund?

Cancellation notices can be submitted in person by the member with the Manager or Assistant Manager of any open location. Photo ID and an email address are required to fill out the form. A 30-day notice is required for all cancellations.

If you are not able to submit your cancellation in person, you will need to mail a letter to 7055 Mexico Road Suite 1210 St. Peters MO 63376. Please enclose a letter stating your name, date of birth or agreement number as well as your current address, contact phone number and email. If there is more than one member you wish to cancel, you must list all members name to be cancelled.

If you want to request a refund for your membership with Gold’s Gym, you will need to email your request to customercare@clubfitness.us.

Where Is My Refund?

All Golds Gym refund requests are being processed in the order received.  We anticipate all refunds to be mailed out by September 1st  for submissions received between April and June 2020.

What Membership Level Do I Have With Club Fitness?

When you come to your local Club Fitness to get started, our team will advise you of what plan level you have. You can change your membership level that time if you choose.

What If I Am Not Ready To Come Back To The Gym Yet?

All Club Fitness locations are now open and operating with new safety guidelines to keep our gyms clean, functional, friendly and safe. If you are not ready to be back in a gym quite yet, no worries! Please fill out this free freeze form , which can be renewed every two months, to keep your membership frozen until you are comfortable returning.  

Are The Gold's Gym Locations Re-Opening?

We are excited to announce that Gold’s Gym Ellisville will become the 23rd St. Louis area Club Fitness location! We will be making some updates and upgrades to the facility, stay tuned for a timeline on re-opening that location. 

We did not acquire any of the other Gold’s Gym physical locations but we are sure that we have a Club Fitness location near you to help you continue your fitness journey. Find the closest Club Fitness location here. 

Does Club Fitness Have a Pool or Spas?

No this is not an option we offer, however we do offer many other great amenities for you to enjoy.

Do You Accept Silver Sneakers?

Yes we do! Come to your local Club Fitness location and one of our team members will be happy to get your membership activated and show you our facilities. 

What If I Lost My Gold's Gym Key Card?

Our team will be happy to look up your membership and assist you in obtaining a Club Fitness access card.

What Safety Guidelines Are Club Fitness Following Right Now?

All Club Fitness locations are now open and operating with new safety guidelines to keep our gyms clean, functional, friendly and safe. Those guidelines vary according to local county requirements and can be found here

Lift Local With Club Fitness

We care about St. Louis because we are from St. Louis. As a locally owned and operated gym, it has always been important that we be more than just a place to lift weights. We want to lift our members to happier and healthier lives by being the clean, functional, and friendly gym for every BODY. We want to lift our employees by being a safe place to grow professionally and personally as an employee owned company. We want to lift our community by being an active contributor and partner to other organizations supporting our community.