Give the Gift of Fitness!

By December 17, 2018Fitness

Looking for Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Fitness Lover?

It’s holiday time- which is the season for gifting. As if picking out the perfect gift for someone wasn’t hard enough, the typical sweets and homemade cookies just won’t work for your health conscious friends. This is the perfect time though to help them achieve their goals and pick out the perfect gift to keep them on their fitness track, not derail them with temptation.

  • · Healthy Snack Treats- instead of cookies and candy- opt for smoothies, protein bars, or trail mix. This will allow them to snack but not pack on the calories.

  • · Fun Workout Tank or Tee- a tee that says “I don’t sweat, I sparkle” or a tank that shows the print when they sweat that says “you can go home now”. They’ll be super motivated to head to their next workout in their new workout gear!

  • · Personalized Water Bottle- if they’re always forgetting or losing their water bottle, how about a new one that has their name on it to make sure they can track it down mid-workout!

  • · Giftcard- to their favorite sporting goods store or healthy place to eat- they can always find something there to push them to the next level

  • · Instantpot or Crockpot Healthy Eating Cookbook- help them meal prep towards their goals with a new cookbook to try delicious (and nutritious) new recipes into the new year.

  • · A new Fitness Tracker- if they’re not already sporting the latest trend in tracking their workout progress, hook them up with one- bonus: some of them sync to each other so you can help keep each other on track and challenge to who can burn the most calories or track the most steps in a day!

  • · GIFT GIVING BONUS: STOCKING STUFFERS!!!!! Headbands, motivational books, lifting gloves, a pass to tryout a new class together,