Fitness Tips & Tricks For Tailgating Season

By November 9, 2018Fitness

How to Stay On-track and Still Root on your Favorite Team

It’s football season and we all know that leads to football games and tailgating and bonfires. That doesn’t mean that we need to forget about our fitness goals completely but we also shouldn’t have to miss a game. We can stay on-track and still participate in the festivities- if we plan ahead and be health-conscious, there will be no need to “restart on Monday.” Here are some tips for tailgating healthier without feeling left-out or missing a day on your fitness journey:

    • · Eat breakfast/lunch before heading out- you don’t want to be stuck in front of a table of treats and unhealthy food when you’re hungry- load up on a protein-packed breakfast first to ensure you eat with your mind, not your eyes.
    • · Get a workout in before you leave- this will limit the guilt from indulging a little and also ensure you keep in mind your goals. If you do a high-intensity or a weight training workout, you’ll be burning calories for hours after your workout too.
    • · Find dishes that you can grill or bake instead of frying- baked wings vs. fried wings… grilled chicken vs. fried chicken… you won’t miss out on taste by grilling or baking your proteins- but you will skip the extra calories and the pains you feel in your gut later on.
    • · Moderation is key- limit your alcohol consumption and snacks/treats/desserts. I’m not saying cut it out completely, but if you limit to one trip to the dessert table, or 1 beverage at a time vs. double-fisting, you’re more likely to keep on-track and last through the tailgating festivities.
    • · Stay hydrated- drink 1-2 glasses of water per every alcoholic drink to keep you hydrated and from over-indulging. This will let you feel better the next day too and limit hangovers and guilt.

Try these exercises for 3 sets through before you get your tailgating on to get you ready for the big game:

    • · Squat/alternating shoulder press over (for hauling bags of ice and carrying trays of food) x20 reps
    • · Alternating step-ups w/ bicep curls (for scaling bleachers to get to your seats) x20 reps
    • · Mountain climbers (for pushing pulling heavy tables and coolers) x20 reps
    • · Burpee push-ups (for football or cornhole games you’ll be playing) x10 reps
    • · 20 yard sprint (for when you need to hurry to the bathrooms between plays) x2 reps
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