Exercise is Medicine

By June 7, 2020Fitness

Why is Fitness So Important to so Many People?

This past Monday, Club Fitness united with the rest of the fitness industry in saying 1) Exercise is Medicine and 2) Gyms Are Safe. Those are two things we have always believed in, but are more important now than they ever have been.  This is not a political message. We will always honor and respect the guidelines set by local authorities as it relates to our business. But we also strongly feel we can be an important to the solution without adding more to the problem. 

Exercise Is Medicine

We believe personal fitness is an essential piece of the puzzle when it comes to an individuals health. Fitness can be an important part of building immunity, strength, energy, motivation, positive mindset, resilience to stress, happiness, mental alertness, and community. There is even mounting evidence that exercise is in some cases as effective, or even more affective, than drugs in treating some problems. “Exercise is medicine” is more than just a feel good quote gyms are using right now. 

Gyms Are Safe

Our goal at Club Fitness has always been to provide a clean, functional, and friendly gym environment for our members. Keeping large spaces disinfected while seeing large volumes of people daily is something we’ve always done. To take our cleaning processes further to re-open our gyms, we’ve followed all CDC and local guidelines which includes using CDC approved spray cleaners, ultra violet disinfecting wands, we have increased the number of wipe stations in each of our gyms, we have increased the number of hand sanitizer stations in each of our gyms, we have nano-septic door handles in our clubs that actively use light to disinfect surfaces. You can learn more about the steps we are taking to pro-actively create a clean and safe gym environment for every BODY here