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Whether you’re brand new or you’ve been going regularly for years, HIIT classes at Club Fitness are for you. So, no previous experience is necessary. This workout uses timed challenges, body weight, mats, light hand weights, steps, and resistance bands to challenge you and develop athletic ability. And, this workout burns calories while you are doing it as well as after you are done!

You will enjoy many benefits from regularly attending a HIIT class including: improved endurance, a strong core, tone muscles, greater energy and recover, and improved athletic ability. HIIT classes challenge and develop the entire body. But, they offer a lot of options. They can be both introductory or advanced, depending on your needs. So, anyone can experience a class and have a great workout. When you leave a class at Club Fitness, you will know and feel that you had a calorie blasting workout, bringing you to new levels of fitness. HIIT classes at Club Fitness are exciting and effective.

Class Design

HIIT classes focus on timing and effort. You work hard and then you rest with varying intervals. And, when HIIT training raises and lowers the heart rate, it also leaves the metabolism in a heightened state when the workout is complete. Workouts can incorporate any variety of cardio and resistance training and any combination of timing (work vs. rest). Because there are so many options and variations, you will never be bored even if you regularly attend a class. And, because these classes take you to your limit, are primarily stretching routines, we recommend attending classes as much as desired but, at a minimum, once a week. This will work to protect your body on your fitness journey.

Fusion Classes

If you’re looking for something a little different than a standard HIIT class, then you’re in the right place. Club Fitness takes HIIT and evolves it with classes that uses intervals as an inspiration to transform your workout into something completely new.
TABATA classes are an amazing option. TABATA is generally approached with four-minute increments and rest periods are typically only 10 seconds. Where as other HIIT classes can have longer recovery periods, sometimes up to two minutes. And, two minute rest intervals is something you’ll find in our BURN ZONE classes.

Another fantastic HIIT variation is our PULSE STUDIO workouts. And, the PULSE STUDIO is exclusively available at Club Fitness with our premium membership. PULSE STUDIO workouts use circuit training, functional movements, are HIIT designed, incorporate heart rate monitor technology, and, are completely new workouts every single day.

What should I wear?

We recommend comfortable fitting active wear. As for footwear, we recommend athletic shoes.

What makes Club Fitness different?

Our classes are the perfect way to stay fit at an affordable price. And, you can’t get them anywhere else. With a low monthly fee, Club Fitness members enjoy an unlimited amount of classes of all kinds and access to the rest of the gym equipment. You won’t pay expensive studio fees at Club Fitness. All classes are included with your membership. Feel free to try out as many classes as you like and keep coming back to the ones you love.

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