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Whether you’re brand new or you’ve been going regularly for years, CYCLE classes at Club Fitness are for you. No previous experience is necessary. This cardio workout uses our indoor cycling bikes to challenge endurance, build strength in the legs and core and burn a HUGE amount of calories!

You will enjoy many benefits from regularly attending a CYCLE class including: long, lean, lower body musculature, improved endurance and bone density, and a strong core. CYCLE classes condition and tone the legs while training and developing a stronger cardiovascular athletic ability. And, these classes can be both introductory or advanced, depending on your needs. You set the resistance and our instructors challenge you from there. So, anyone can experience a class and have a great workout. When you leave a class at Club Fitness, you will know and feel that you had an amazing workout, pushing you to new levels of fitness. CYCLE classes at Club Fitness are challenging, achievable, and will take you for a ride!

Class Design

CYCLE classes emphasize your lower body musculature and your cardiovascular system. Our instructors will guide you into proper form and the cyclical nature of the class means there is little to no impact on the hips, knees and ankles. Resistance defined by you means you find a challenge that is always right for you. And, our instructors will push you to your limit. The music is engaging and exciting and position variations work to develop every muscle in the legs and your core. We recommend attending a CYCLE class at least once every week. As these classes are cardio workouts, with little stress on joints, you’ll find results and get to your goal as fast as you want to ride.

What should I wear?

We recommend comfortable fitting active wear. As for footwear, we recommend athletic shoes.

What makes Club Fitness different?

Our classes are the perfect way to stay fit at an affordable price. And, you can’t get them anywhere else. With a low monthly fee, Club Fitness members enjoy an unlimited amount of classes of all kinds and access to the rest of the gym equipment. You won’t pay expensive studio fees at Club Fitness. All classes are included with your membership. Feel free to try out as many classes as you like and keep coming back to the ones you love.

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