Club Fitness has many group classes that will target your core.  But, sometimes you want to focus your workout.  We offer targeted CORE fitness classes at all of our locations that will help you tone your waistline and reach your fitness goals fast!

There are a lot of reasons to try a group CORE class at Club Fitness:

– Class Design

These classes are a lot more than just doing crunches. You might think that this means targeting the abdominals.  However, your core encompasses everything from your shoulders down to your hips and butt.  This region and these muscles work better when you exercise them together.  And, a great way to do that is with functional training.  These muscles act as a solid base for the body, allowing you to stay upright, move efficiently, and stand strong on your feet.  Our classes utilize functional training and specifically target mid-section musculature.  

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– Benefits of CORE Exercises

Everyone can benefit from a Club Fitness CORE class.  Training these muscles allows you to stabilize your spine, which improves balance and postural alignment.  It can also reduce back pain because core training includes the muscles surrounding the spine.  And, functional core exercises allow you to practice movement that provides optimal motion for daily tasks.   The results of which tend to deliver power, strength, stabilization, improved balance and toning. 

Examples of functional core exercises include:  side plank, push ups, walking lunges, mountain climbers, and squat jumps.

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– What If I’ve Never Tried A Club Fitness CORE Class?

It doesn’t matter what skill level you are when you walk in the room.  Our CORE fitness classes are for everybody and for every body who wants to strengthen their core in a group setting.  Club Fitness instructors are experienced in providing an effective workout to everyone, at every fitness level.

At Club Fitness, you’ll get the energy of a group workout led by an experienced and encouraging trainer.  You’ll stay motivated, achieve your fitness goals, and keep coming back for more.  One of the best parts of your membership is that you can build your fitness routine with a variety of classes that will challenge you and still be very affordable.

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– What Makes Us Different

Our classes are the perfect way to stay fit with functional training at an affordable price that you can’t get anywhere else. With a low monthly fee, Club Fitness members can enjoy an unlimited amount of classes of all kinds and the rest of the gym equipment. You won’t have to pay expensive studio fees at Club Fitness. All of our classes are included with your membership. Feel free to try out as many classes as you like and keep coming back to the ones you love.

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