2021 Club Fitness Challenge

Take the challenge and make a difference in your life!

Don’t miss the Club Fitness Challenge! The CF Challenge is a 3-month long contest to transform your body, including reducing body fat percentage and/or increase in muscle mass. Find your results, participate in weekly boot camps, and as a bonus, be entered to win some cash and prizes!

With the $49 CF Challenge entry fee, all registered participants will receive a Club Fitness Challenge t-shirt, as well as access to trainer-led nutrition classes and 6 weekly 45-minute boot camp classes.

Challenge winners will be determined by In-Body Scanner results, a written bio, and submitted before and after photos. 4 Judges will decide the Female/Male Grand Prize Winners. Judges will evaluate each participant’s fitness journey to identify those that have been the most impactful in transforming their body composition.

Stop into one of our are locations and ask for more information and sign up today.


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