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Burn Calories Up To 48 Hours Post Workout

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Burn Zone is a 60 minute Coach led class designed using the science of ILIT (Intensity Level Interval Training) to scorch calories, burn fat, and build muscle. Coaches will optimize your workout using the data from heart rate monitors to ensure you are spending the optimal amount of time in the Burn Zone.  


What Do I Need To Wear To A Burn Zone Class?

You should wear workout attire that is comfortable to do a variety of movements in. In any given workout, you will be using a treadmill, a rower, TRX bands, or free weights.  

What do I need to do if I am going to my first Burn Zone class?

First you need to register for your desired class either on the Club Fitness app or here on our website. After that, show up at least 15 minutes prior to the class time you reserved and check-in with one of our Front Desk team members. From there, one of our team members will show you how to use the Burn Zone check-in kiosk outside of the Burn Zone Studio, help you get set up with one of our Heart Rate Monitors if you wish to use one, and introduce you to the Coach that will be leading your class. 

From there, your Burn Zone Coach will review with you the movements used in that day’s workout. This would be a great time to ask questions and make sure you are comfortable with the workout before heading into the Burn Zone!

After you complete your first Burn Zone class, your Burn Zone coach will go over with you individually how many calories your burned and how much time you spent in each zone throughout your workout. You will also receive an email with a workout summary so you can see your results and track your progress! 

What if I am running late to my reserved burn zone class?

You can still come in to a Burn Zone class up to 5 minutes after its scheduled start time.  

Do I need a Heart Rate Monitor to do a Burn Zone class?

Heart Rate Monitors are not required in the Burn Zone, but we high recommend using one. By using one of our Burn Zone Heart Rate monitors, you will truly be able to maximize your time spent in the Burn Zone. We offer two different types of Burn Zone Heart Rate Monitors – our Chest Heart Rate Monitor for $49.99 and our Wrist Heart Rate Monitor for $84.99. Both can be purchased at our front desk. 

What happens if I do not use all of the classes in my monthly membership package?

Sessions in our monthly Burn Zone membership packages do not roll over. 

How do I cancel my Burn Zone membership?

We are sorry to see you go! Cancellation notices for your Burn Zone membership can be submitted in person with your location’s Manager or Assistant Manager. Photo ID and an email address is required to fill out the cancellation form. A 30-day notice is required for all cancellations. 

If you are not able to submit your cancellation in person, you will need to mail a letter to 7055 Mexico Road Suite 1210 St. Peters MO 63376. Certified mail is highly recommended. Please enclose a letter stating your name, date of birth, or agreement number as well as your current address, contact phone number, and email. If you are wanting to canceling more that one members Burn Zone membership, you must list all member names and date of birth for each member to be cancelled.