Back to School, Back To You

By October 17, 2018Fitness

5 ways to get the focus back on your fitness goals during this busy time of year

Now that school is back in session for a good month now, and you’re more in a routine of who needs to be where on what day, it’s the perfect time to reassess your fitness goals and what it will take for you to achieve them. If your goal is to lose weight – tone up – or get overall fit, now poses a great time to get moving (outside possibly) while still enjoying your classic fall traditions and fitting everything into your day. It will take some extra planning to fit everything into your busy schedule, but here’s how to get started.

Here are 5 ways to get the focus back on YOU and your fitness goals during this busy time of year:

  • – Find the time that’s right for you- the time changes and season changes get to us- some people workout better in the morning, some people work out better in the evening- figure out YOUR TIME and make it a priority to get a workout in.

  • – Schedule it- your calendar is now full with school and sports and work and obligations- and we are a schedule-driven society. Put your workouts in your calendar to remind you (and anyone else in charge of scheduling) that your workouts are important- and stick to them. We have 700+ Group Workouts a week. Find a Group Class at a time that works for you!

  • – Plan non-gym workouts too- let’s face it, you can’t always make it to the gym for an hour to yourself- there are plenty of ways to get a workout in without getting to the gym: workout DVD’s, walking/interval training outside, bike rides, impromptu game with the kids- anything to get you moving instead of sitting.

  • – Meet up with someone = accountability- it’s sometimes easy to talk yourself out of a workout, but if you have someone that is waiting for you at the gym to workout, it’s harder to let them down. Find an accountability buddy and plan what classes you will take together or when to meet at the gym or track- if we limit excuses, we are more likely to achieve our fitness goals. Want to invite a friend to the gym with you? Have them download a VIP Pass!

  • – Keep a set of workout clothes and workout shoes in the car- We all get those opportunities to get a free 30mins to ourselves, but we ‘forgot our shoes’ or ‘don’t have the right clothes’ to get a quick workout in. By planning ahead this will allow you to maximize an extra break at work, a kid’s sports practice instead of sitting in a car, or whenever you find free time to squeeze an extra workout in.