Metabolic Meals

A diet full of nutritious, healthy food goes hand in hand with a workout routine. You’ve likely heard the phrase, “you can’t outrun a bad diet’, and it’s true! When you are actively working on your fitness, it’s imperative that you are also fueling your body with whole foods, protein, carbs, and healthy fats. That’s why we’ve partnered with Metabolic Meals to bring our member’s chef-crafted, health-focused, ready-made meals.

These meals are stored in temperature-controlled lockers, and we make it simple by providing a scannable QR code so you have access to the menu. Once you’ve selected your meals, simply pay on the app and you’ll get a code that will open the locker with your choices. Our lockers are continually restocked and our menu is refreshed weekly, so you’ll always have access to a variety of delicious meals. The best part is all these meals need is a minute or two in the microwave and they are good to go! It’s perfect for those nights you don’t feel like cooking, or just don’t have time.

We’ve also got options based on your diet! If you are carb or protein-heavy, low carb or vegetarian, we have options to fit your needs. Maybe you need meats or sides for the week, no problem – we’ve got bundles for that too. No matter the reason, we’ve got plenty of choices to keep you feeling full, satisfied, and most importantly, on track for your fitness goals and a healthier, nutritious diet.