Whether you are looking for a class that focuses on cardio or mind and body, Club Fitness offers a group exercise class to suit your preference and fitness level! Be sure to introduce yourself to the instructor, so they can help you get acquainted with the class format and other members.

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A combination of pilates & yoga moves.

A cardio class using a combination of kickboxing, boxing, dance & drill movements. A fun, innovative way to gain cardio health & strength!

Dance your way to a fitter you; exciting & unique LATIN moves & rhythms

Focus is on abdominal/core strength.

Abdominal strengthening, focus on posture , technique, & resistance.


Bring out your inner athlete with cardio and muscle moves that burn calories and empower your body to be its best!


Create a uniquely lean, firm, strong and sculpted body by combining isometric contractions, dance conditioning, yoga, and Pilates style exercises. This head-to-toe workout fuses together sculpting movements in order to create long, lean, toned muscles – all in an hour. Light weights and small balls are used and NO dance experience is necessary!

Time to target muscles and get lean and toned! See and feel the changes in your body!

A weight training workout in a group setting using barbells with adjustable weights, set to motivating music. Bodypump is a simple, athletic based workout that strengthens, sculpts & defines every major muscle group.

Same as body pump but without the bicep and tricep tracks.

Strengthen and tone the abdominal and gluteal muscles by using body weight for resistance and strength training equipment (wts., tubing, stability balls, etc.) through a series of challenging exercises.

Combines cardiovascular training with resistance training to burn calories and tone muscles!

Combine two GREAT workouts into one. Get cardiovascular training and focus on abdominal and core strength.

Combines cardiovascular dance type movements with resistance training so you burn calories and tone muscles!

A mixture of moves to get the heart rate up and burn calories while having FUN!

Bursts of cardio combined with intervals of strength training.

This class may include some kickbox, step, hi/lo, and/or weights and muscle training.

Burn LOTS of calories in short amount of time using varying intensity intervals!
Be amazed at the changes you will see!

Focus is on abdominal/core strength.

Join in this fun workout challenge using light to medium weights to work the whole body. Burn those calories while creating a “commotion” throughout your core.

Tighten and tone the abdominals, obliqus, spine, and pelvic floor muscles! Strengthen and tone the very -core- of you.

This is way more than sweating and burning fat to great music. Tap into your inside energy and feel the journey begin. ****Please arrive 15 min. prior to start time if you are new to allow for bike set up. ****Everyone needs to bring a towel and full water bottle

Drill Bits

Drills to get the heart rate up & work the muscles to torch away fat.

Straightforward, easy to learn cardio & muscle drills to get the sweat pouring & the calories burning!

An innovative new form of training that incorporates both cardio and weight training. Multiple stations are run by trainers to keep you motivated and teach proper form.

A perfect blend of yoga, strength, core strengthening exercises, and balance.


Wake up your body with Yoga!  Use breath and body work with centering focus to create balance in the mind and body!

Traditional floor aerobics for an awesome cardio workout plus toning exercises with weights, bands, or resist-a-balls.

Hatha Yoga

A gentle introduction to basic yoga postures where poses are held longer. Come & feel looser, longer & more relaxed. Great for all levels.


Use your body to create the best body you can get; no equipment needed!  You’ll build muscle while stripping away fat!  Designed to help anyone, any fitness level to get in the best shape of your life.

Introduction to Spinning clinic – 4 weeks

Hatha style yoga postures with light hand weights which uses the breath to improve focus, balance, flexibility & strength; includes relaxation & breathing techniques.

A great cardio workout using boxing & martial arts movements. A fun way to gain cardio health & strength!


Work and create lean muscle with endurance body shaping exercises! Feed off the energy of the group and the music and enjoy that lean muscle look!

Combination of movements to strengthen abs and core while assisting with flexibility and muscle control.

Mindful Yoga

Follow your own breath and body sensations in this guided yoga class to feel your way through postures rather than thinking about making a particular shape. Focus on turning inward as you learn to respond to your own breath and body.

Work and tone all major muscle groups of the body.

Full body workout with weights, bands and tubes, abs and cool down.

Combination of movements to get the abs & core muscles stronger while assisting with some flexibility & muscle control.

Piloxing Knockout

A fusion of boxing & standing Pilates with Plyo Sports Drills. Get your core on fire, your arms & thighs on fire, YOU are on fire! Come & safely experience Piloxing Knockout today!

Mix of weights and sport cardio moves….football runs skaters and power runs Ect.

Find your body’s power by working the core with Pilates moves. Feel lengthen and strengthen and empowered!


Join this full body cardio jam session, combining light resistance (using light weighted drumsticks) with constant simulated drumming.


Restore the body with yoga poses that relax and release stress at the end of the day. Bring the breath, mind and body back into balance.


Come join one of the hottest, fun and efficient total body workouts. A One Stop Body Shock that combines the best elements of fitness that delivers incredible results. This class will leave you sweat-soaked, proud & exhilarated!


Use weights, xertubes and body weight exercises to sculpt and strengthen! Get tone, tight and sculpted!

Straightforward, easy to learn cardio and muscle drills to get the sweat pouring and the calories burning!

This is way more than sweating and burning fat to great music. Tap into your inside energy and feel the journey begin. ****Please arrive 15 min. prior to start time if you are new to allow for bike set up. ****Everyone needs to bring a towel and full water bottle

Lo/hi impact combinations done on the step while seriously sculpting the lower body.

Combines step cardio with resistance training moves!

Step movements interspersed with drills to make the sweat pour!


Get the fat burning power of intervals of cardio and sculpting moves to reshape and define your body!

Tabata Drills

This is a high intensity interval class where you will push yourself for eight rounds in 20 second drills with 10 second rests. Incorporate this workout into your routine & produce results!

Total Body Blast

A mix of cardio & strength training for everyone.  Take your workout to the next level with a fun variety of moves!

Turbo charge your abs with fun music and new moves! Challenge your core with 15 mins of muscle targeting for all intensity levels, ranging from basic crunches to Turbo Kick Ab routines.

Vinyasa Yoga

Flowing, fluid, movement-focused yoga practice. We’ll smoothly transition from pose to pose. If you hate routine & love a little challenge, this is your class! Great for all levels.

Yoga postures & breathing to improve flexibility, strength & balance not just in the body, but also in the mind and attitude.


Lengthen and strengthen, tone and balance the body with mindful yoga practice. Revive your energy levels-inside and out!


Feel the beautiful effects of yoga poses for the body and the mind-restore your mind, release stress, empower and strengthen your body!

Zumba Step

Zumba Step incorporates all your favorite Zumba moves with Step aerobics for an all new fun fitness party. This class increases your calorie burn while adding moves to sculpt and define your core, glutes and legs!